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Marlee Stylez provides a full service interior design firm for both residential and commercial projects. She has formed a team of preferred upholsters, painters, wallpaper hangers, artists, and carpenters, in order to deliver a smooth execution of all design concept. No project is too large or too small. Marlee can start in the beginning stages of home development, or can join the project when it has reached the stage for furnishings and décor. Stylez strives to evolve the best design solution, while maintaining an equal balance between affordable aesthetics and functionality. Utilizing a mixture of modern and rustic design components with simple and clean lines, Marlee captures the essence of living well in a way that rejuvenates and inspires all. Marlee’s ability to connect with her clients and understand their vision allows her to lead and manage all types of projects. Her work reflects an enduring commitment to exceed client expectations, while meeting all time and budget constraints. 





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