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New York native Marlee Stylez has forever been considered a multi- talented girl. Stylez had started out in the fashion world at a very young age as a women’s buyer for a high-end clothing store in Brooklyn, NY. Marlee was also responsible for creating the concept and design of the workplace. From there, she went onto designing her own children’s clothing line. During her journey, she came to the realization that her gift of the “Great Eye” was limitless. The appreciation she had for a perfectly structured blazer stemmed from the same excitement she would get in finding an amazing wallpaper with fabulous texture. One path lead to the next, and Stylez quickly found herself decorating and designing homes. Marlee has built an exclusive clientele following in both New York and LA, for whom she styles from head to home. Marlee has become a tastemaker and icon to her clients, friends, and all who cross her path.








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